The Memoirs of Ellen Sidaway – Ebook


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Ellen Sidaway was born Ellen Taylor at Hay Green, Lye on 3rd June 1914 on the eve of the first world war. She grew up and went to school in the 1920s; worked and married in the 1930s; managed to get through the war and austerity years of the 1940s; hope and growing aspirations in the 1950s; apparent wealth in the 1960s where she and her husband, Stan, had driving adventures around Europe; Stan had a stroke in the 1970s; and she had an extended family in the 1980s before coming to terms with life living alone. This is a story of just an ordinary girl living and growing up in a by-gone age in the Black Country. It has all the elements of life from joy to sadness, happiness to grief. It is a life. Ellen has written her story as if she was telling it.

ISBN 978-0-9955472-7-8


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