The Black and Red Rolls Royce – Ebook




This is the unrequited love story of two Cambridge Undergraduates, who meet, fall in love and are separated by creed, race and the Second World War. Nasri takes Jeremy Jones for afternoon tea in one of her father’s Rolls Royce’s and they then part unlikely to ever see each other again. After the war Jeremy bought the car for just one gold sovereign only to lose all trace of it while he was on Diplomatic Service overseas. Many years later the car comes up for auction. Jeremy is intrigued because somebody has not only found the car but has had it restored to pristine condition. Can he afford to bid for it? This Black and Red Rolls Royce holds so many memories of his brief times with Nasri. It would be a hard decision for him to make. Jeremy relates his story of Nasri and the Black and Red Rolls Royce.


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