I forgot Locke Park…

While getting carried away with the grandeur of Castle Howard I forgot that the week before I was at Locke Park in Barnsley and very nice it was too; a real family day out complete with fun fair and brass band, I distinguished myself with the West Yorkshire Triumph Stag Club – it’s not that sort of stag – these have four wheels. My pièce de resistance was to squirt tomato ketchup down the front of my white shirt while trying to get my mouth round a sausage sandwich. At that moment I wished that I had been wearing a tie – at least I could take that off. So I had the edge taken off my sartorial elegance. The notable landmark in Locke Park is the tower. I can only think that it was a folly to enhance the landscape. It made a suitable backdrop of the SL 500 Silver Arrow.

The only other notable event of the day was the expansion of my Yorkshire dialect. I can now correctly say ‘Dodworth’. The Dodworth Colliery Brass Band were in good form and gave the day a traditional Yorkshire day out. Well done to them.

Sunday was Father’s Day

Sunday was Father’s Day at Castle Howard and was an excuse to have a classic car rally and why not? I took my Mercedes SL500 Silver Arrow all nice and clean and polished.

Travelling across country on a warm, if not hot, June Sunday morning was a joy until arriving at Castle Howard where there was a traffic jam where everybody tried to get on to the North Meadow at the same time. That apart it was a great day meeting other enthusiasts. I had hardly got out of the car when I was met by Simon and Sue who went to the tango classes at High Royds in Menston. Now that was a surprise. I was pleased to see the West Yorkshire Triumph Stag group who were there in force as well as the MGs. Helen Morris was there with her son in her immaculate MG RV8. Very Nice.

Whatever happened in the South Meadow in the arena seemed almost another separate event but the tea room and ice cream vans were very busy all day. Wonderful day, friendly people, lovely cars and fantastic back drop.

June has been a rather busy month…

June has been a rather busy month. It started with my mother’s 103rd birthday – yes, 103 years old! As a celebration together with Joanne and my two daughters, Kathryn and Beth as helpers we managed to get her out for the day. As we did last year we took her to the Black Country Living Museum. She really enjoyed the day out and special thanks are needed to Bev, the bar main in the pub who came out to wish her happy birthday. Here’s the picture of the happy scene outside in the pub yard.

The other objective for the visit was to coincide with the launch of the book version of Ellen Sidaway’s Memoirs. She wrote the manuscript when she was 82 and finished it when she was 84. It was put in a draw and forgotten until last year when I scanned a copy to Colin Macdonald at the BCLM who typed it out to put on to a PDF file. At last I had the inspiration to actually get it published in both paper book and ebook format. They are now ready to be downloaded for a small sum to cover the printing costs. Here’s the cover of the book. The photograph was taken in 1929 when my mother, Ellen, was just 15 years old. Enjoy the read.