Exhibition at Harrogate Public Library

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The month of June continued to see activity in getting out with an exhibition stand at Harrogate Public Library. It was put on my Hayley from the Library which was very thoughtful and kind and I would like to say a big thank you to her for all that she did. The day like all exhibition events was tiring but interesting meeting people that I hadn’t seen for quite some time. Fortunately I had Joanne to help me and talk to the visitors to the library.

The purpose of the stand was to publicise my first book, The Building Game. Yes, it is a book and not a game. I had the book in my head from 1973 at a troublesome time with industrial unrest, three day week and the miners strike with several changes of Government. The book is related to the corruption that went along with building contracts in the 1970s and the so-called hero of the book just wants his fair share of the scams that are going round. After 40 years I succumbed to the temptation to actually put words down not on paper so much as in a text file. Since then I have decided to take charge of my own destiny by moving from self publishing to forming a publishing house – Sidaway Publications Ltd.

The story is about the ambitious Jack Taylor who was sent to Scotland to build a yard for building deep sea platforms on an unspoilt green field site on the Cowal Peninsular. He is confronted with problems in every direction and he can only achieve his ambition by playing the system that is the Building Game. Jack tells his own story. You can find both paperback and e copies on sidawaysbostinbooks.com web site.

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